With a very large model and a background display, we do require a fair bit of space. We can bring a 6m x 4m marquee if needs be.  This allows to display during the inclement outdoor weather, rain or sun! We will also bring a small PA system to ensure that everyone can hear us … and so we don’t lose our voices.


We offer a wonderful opportunity for audiences of all ages to interact with model as part of our themed presentations. Presentations can last for 10 mins to longer, on a range of topics, from: The Science of Flight, History of Aviation, The Hawker Hurricane story, Battle of Britain, pretty much anything to do with flight and history. We interweave people stories, and science demonstrations and get the public really involved.

It would be helpful to have a covered area in case of rain and you may also want to provide seating for the audience, although this is not essential.  It would be a good idea to have your marketing team close by, as there will be some great photo opportunities!

Early entry onto site and setting up on time is something we are well used to.  We will to bring our vehicle close to where we are going to be situated, so we can offload the stage set and model.  Our team will be well-presented, polite, and a pleasure to work with.