Activity programmes

We offer a range of fun, accessible programmes which are fantastic value for money. These can be delivered at your school, club, organisation, workplace or event. We have many vibrant and engaging STEM and History enrichment activities as well, expressly designed to help children from 8-18 to understand and absorb elements of the national curriculum. All involve hands-on work with our 1:3 scale Hawker Hurricane model plane. Examples include:

Activity duration

The programme timings are flexible, but the recommended duration is between 60 to 90 minutes per group. 90 minute sessions enable us to include an additional group activity challenge, plus a multiplayer recap quiz.

Group activities depend on the age range of the students, but normally include any of the following:

  • Design, test and fly a Magnus Glider
  • Range and Angle target calculator challenge
  • Multiplayer Quiz recap

Group sizes

The model build and Science of Flight demonstrations enable a class of up to 36 students to all get a chance to participate in the presentation.

We can also do large scale assembly presentations to much larger group numbers, though obviously not everyone will be able to come up  to the front and help out.


A full day at your school is £400. This covers 4 X 1 hour sessions or 3 X 90 minute sessions.

A half-day session is £250. This covers 2 X 1 hour sessions or 1 X 90 minute session.

We provide all of the materials, including information sheets, handouts and craft resources needed for the extended activities. The only thing you need to provide is the inquiring minds!

With an average cost of under £3 per student, we believe that the unique experience and learning outcomes achieved presents excellent value for money.


We require 30 minutes of set-up time after we have arrived at your venue. Given the size of model (approx 3×3 metres), an assembly or sports hall is an ideal location. A large classroom will also work, but bear in mind the need to move around the model during construction.