“I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and extend a great big thank you for making it possible for Mr. Chris Jefferson to present the model of B-29 at our school. The entire day was a huge success for everyone.

Chris Jefferson’s presentation of the B-29 exceeded all expectations. Chris easily worked with five different groups of student of varying abilities. Every student engaged in the process of assembling the plane. Throughout the presentation Chris explained the parts of the plane. Historic perspective was woven throughout. Students were captivated as they developed a deeper appreciation for their own parent’s contribution to the military.

One parent commented that her first grader talked all evening about the B-29. This is quite remarkable as the first grade merely caught the last few minutes of an older classes’ presentation. Imagine his enthusiasm if he had helped to assemble the plane!

I have made a personal connection to the presentation. My uncle flew a B-29 and was shot down over Germany. He was a POW for a year. Now, I wonder if  the engine caught on fire and that was the cause of his plane going down. Mr. Jefferson explained that the engines were so massive that over 70% caught fire because they over heated.

None of us will ever know the true effect of Chris’ presentation and the impression the model has made on these children. As a teacher of 25 years, having asked students years later what their lasting memory of school was, I know the majority will answer a presentation such as this or a study trip to a special place.

The combination of the student-assembled B-29 model and the charismatic, passionate teaching of Mr. Jefferson made this presentation to be the best I have seen in my career.”
Kristi Johnson
Gifted Education Specialist
Alconbury Elementary School