We receive our first CAD designed images from model makers Autodromo.

From CAD to a small 3D printed out template

This is the 10 foot long HD CNC foam mold, from which the Hurricane will take shape. The rear fuselage is going to be an activity in itself, where the audience can nut and bolt, screw and fix the structure together!

This shows the internal skeleton of the real Hurricane, and one of the educational activities will be to replicate the Warren Girder truss system.


Pondering the sheer scale of our project.  One of the kids lying beside the scale outline! Have a look at our Twitter page at https://twitter.com/merlinsroar64

Before the fuselage section gets used as the fibre glass mold, the tail unit structure is tested for size. The rudder, and elevators will all be spring loaded to allow different positions to be demonstrated.

Nose spinner, tail wheel and fibre glass radiator taking shape.


Inner workings of inner wing section, you can see where the gun port section will be, and the access panel will be an interactive feature.


Fuselage mock up which shows where the inner wing section will be attached. There will be a detailed facia on this section to replicate what the real fitting point would have looked like.

Inner wing section attached and tested for size. There will be locking nuts or bolts akin to the real wing spar attachments to help keep everything safe and sturdy.

First coat of base paint applied. Hoping to be dry in time for the first event. The rear fuselage is connected with these joiners. After the summer, we will then be adding the tubular structure.

The cockpit started off like this, and then turns into a work of art. At RIAT a BBMF engineer who works on the cockpits of the real Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane, gave its detail his seal of approval!

Harry from Autodromo up really early to get the decals on. We have chosen the model to represent a Hurricane from No1. Squadron.

Here it is on display at the War and Peace Revival in July 2017. Extra detailing on the nose section. Everyone loved it, especially when they found out that they could build it!