Based near Cambridge, but travelling all over the UK, Sci-Hi Education brings together an in-depth knowledge of science and history, combined with a passion for delivering inspiring and engaging educational programmes to children and adults, alike.  Using our incredible 1:3 scale Hawker Hurricane model, Sci-Hi Education unravels the links between science and history, reflecting on how one shaped the other, and how they influenced all our futures.  This bespoke educational tool has been crafted to the highest level, allowing the audience to be up close and personal to one of Britain’s best loved war planes.  Combined with innovative and interactive activities, Sci-Hi Education delivers unforgettable educational experiences … and the best bit is we bring them to your door!


The star of the show is our wonderfully detailed and highly realistic Hawker Hurricane.


This is our key to delivering engaging, interactive, educational programmes, which focus on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – and history.  At Sci-Hi Education, we believe in ‘learning by doing’.  And therein lies the beauty of this model.  It comes apart!  Think of it as a cross between an Airfix and a Meccano set, except larger than an estate car!  With over 50 different components to construct, there is a multitude of stories we can tell.

People participation is key.  We want the audience to put it back together, seeing how the different parts work and how they fit together.  The skin of the fuselage lifts off, giving a unique insight into the intricate engineering of this beautiful, powerful and sturdy aircraft.  This stunning replica model is perfection, down to the last nut and bolt.  It is a unique tool that can benefit audiences from primary to secondary and beyond.  It is key to delivering STEM subjects, giving students an exciting insight into why STEM is so exciting.  Sci-Hi Education tailors all its programmes to hit school curriculum targets.  Audiences will be engaged and exhilarated throughout every part of the session.  It is a perfect way to enhance project and topic work and will be a day to remember!

The Hawker Hurricane was the most advanced fighter airplane in the world of its time, with its finest hour in the Battle of Britain.  It served throughout WWII across the globe, with many different nations and was the most successful allied fighter of the war.

From Aviation History, Battle of Britain, aerial combat, the science of Flight, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics, we can focus, in detail, on any area you want.